Love for Leslie wavers

August 21, 2017

Meet Leslie.

She’s white, fluffy and loves peeing on doonas.

She answers when called. She likes to curl up on her family member's lap and makes the cutest purring noise. She isn’t too keen on spending time outside.

Leslie is a survivor. She survived an angry owner attack after using bedding as a toilet, three times!

Do you want her?

Once we decided not to sell Leslie on Pets For Sale, Victoria (yet) or drop her off on a desolate country road or return her to her original owner, I decided to concentrate on the positives she’s brought to our lives.

Positives and lessons:

  • I have expanded my knowledge of kitten/cat behaviour
  • I have joined a new community – “the kitten that peed on my doona group” (these groups saturate the web).
  • An equal mix of vinegar and water should be sprayed on bedding a cat has gone to the toilet on!
  • Leslie is not perfect; she makes mistakes – big ones!
  • Always close our bedroom door.
  • Clean the kitty litter every day.

I would love to hear any tips on how to stop bad behaviour in cats. Please leave these tips below.

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