Visit brings inspiration or realisation?

June 27, 2017

Open gardens and visiting friend’s gardens either fill me with gardening inspiration or shatter me with the realisation I have a lot to learn.

Whenever I visit my sister-in-law’s garden I usually leave feeling the latter emotion.

The garden surrounds her Gippsland home and the setting is undulating, which creates the opportunity for winding paths, ponds and interesting garden beds. The most admirable aspect of the garden is the minimum attention required. Using mainly native plants the large garden is reasonably self-sufficient and looks inviting and interesting with the mixture of plants and objects scattered around. You are never sure what you'll see next when you wander through the paths. For the gardener the native garden allows its owner to spend more time with her passion – growing orchids.

What I recently discovered is, when you have a lot to learn, ask questions and invite your green thumb friend or family member to visit your garden and allow them to give you advice on what plants to cut back, remove and shift. Gardeners are so happy to share their knowledge.

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