Creative flora decorating

June 27, 2017

For me the best thing about entertaining is the decorating - whether it's decorating the table, the outside area or verandah, I love it all.

Once the guests have been invited, I start thinking about the occasion and what I can use as decorations, without having to spend money! It’s amazing what you can find to use when you open your imagination and look at objects as potential decorative objects.

For Easter the theme included teapots and hydrangeas sitting on tables and side tables. I used about 10 teapots and they created a soft touch in between the Easter egg baskets, bunny ears and Easter buntings. It added a bit of Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to the day.

Last Christmas the house was filled with the smell of gum leaves. Down the centre of the tables I laid a garland of gum tree branches filled with young gum leaves. Placed along the branches were white hydrangeas and white oleanda. The green and white worked well and created a crisp Aussie feeling to the theme.

The extra bonus of using objects, plants, flowers and foliage you find in the house and garden is everything is recycled again. Teapots returned to their display and the plant matter is added to the mulch bin.

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