Farewell to autumn

June 01, 2017

Thank you autumn for another glorious season. I know we shouldn’t have favourites, but you are mine.

You make me so happy. I love watching nature change under your spell. How your presence makes leaves of smooth, tipped and lobed edges transform into glorious colours and then drop to earth’s floor with such grace, gliding through the sky. I love how the grass glows a vibrant green after you drop your rich rain upon its blades and I love how you paint the sunrises and sunsets in pinks, purples, greys and white – magically turning them into a painting in the sky.

This year I said “see you later dear friend” in the only way you deserve – I visited Bright in north-eastern Victoria.

And Bright did you proud. She put on a show only Bright can – gutters, footpaths, parks and canopies in the sky of red, yellow, orange and gold leaves from maples, oaks and poplar trees.

With friends we walked Bright’s walking paths while you filled us with your Autumn warmth. We trotted over piles of fallen leaves that scrunched as we walked, sending us back to our childhood days.

Every step we took, everywhere we went over the weekend we were thinking of you – you were there watching us and showing us your beauty.

And now you have gone, I will try not to be sad, because I know you’ll return in nine months. But I want to say thank you for a wonderful show. You were amazing this year and I am already counting the days down to your return.

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