A reminder of days gone by

May 20, 2017

Gardening has a way to grab you by the heart and become the food that feeds your soul and bring joy to your life.

For me gardening is a stress relief - the moment I slip my sloggers on my feet my brain shuts everything else out and focuses on the garden tasks ahead. 

There is nothing like dressing in 20-year-old active wear, filling the wheelbarrow with tools and heading into the green and colourful depths of the space you've created with your own hands. I love getting deep into the rich soil, kneeling over a flower bed pulling weeds or the euphoric and rewarding moment of planting something new.

Recently I experienced another sweet moment while digging over a new flowerbed. I could see something small, black and solid and to my delight it was a little black Lego horse.

The memories of our CityDweller, YoungDrifter, GoodTimeBoy and AnimalLoverFarmGirl playing in dirt piles around the home came flooding back. We built our house about 18 years ago and moved in when CityDweller was a nine-year-old and AnimalLoverGirl was three years old, so this house and it's garden grew along with our tribe.

They all loved being outside, as sport loving kids they embraced the space our property gave them playing cricket and soccer in the yard or dragging their toys outside to create cities, Jurassic Parks or farms filled with every animal you can imagine.

My newly found Lego horse that I won't ever wash, now sits in prime spot on my gardening cupboard. 

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