Creating beauty in a besser block

May 20, 2017

I have found the answer to the question you have always wanted to ask - What can I do with an ugly besser block that's lying around the yard?

You can create a mixed succulent planter!

After visiting the annual Billabong Garden Complex Succulent Show with my DustyRoadDrifter we both returned home inspired to plant succulents in objects we'd thrown into our scrap heap. The display of community entries that included decorated frames, hats, statues, boots and pushbikes to name a few gave us the confidence to try anything. What we learnt was succulents are so hardy and have the potential to establish themselves in any object you can find that can be used as a vessel for planting. 

I hope these photos give you some inspiration - the Billabong Garden Complex Succulent Show is held every October, so you have time to start preparing your entry.

Before photo:

Six months later:

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