Prickly visit to the Cactus Country

May 20, 2017

You know when you imagine what something will be like and then it doesn’t turn out to plan? I have been thinking about visiting Cactus Country for years. I follow them on Instagram and enjoy seeing all the different plants and creative images they post. I imagined the day I visited would include great company – we’d all be thrilled about being there, excited to be walking the garden soaking in the tireless hard work of the owners and staff who created the unique space. The visit would include sipping a margarita while munching on burritos and fajitas with Mexican music playing in the background. This day had been on my list for a long time and you know it is only 43 minutes from Shepparton?

Well, the day finally came and it didn’t turn out exactly how I’d imagined! 

On my much awaited day-out to the Strathmerton garden my chosen company had to be dragged along, they included my DustyRoadDrifter and 4xGrannySister. DustyRoadDrifter doesn't jump for joy to be part of a four-wheeled day-out adventure, his preference is travelling on a rarely used dirt track, the wind in his non-existent hair and sitting on top of a four stroke motorcycle. So, some convincing was required that this was going to be a fun day out! 

Perhaps the first mistake was allowing the DustyRoadDrifter to drive, as before Shepparton had disappeared from the interior mirror view we were blinded by the shining red and blue lights that never fill your day with joy. 

Anyway we took the punishment and continued to our destination. 

Finally I had arrived at Cactus Country and I wanted to see it all, walk every path, look at every plant and soak in this unique Victorian tourism destination. 

This I did with a skip in my step, but with the weight of a poorer DustyRoadDrifter as company and an unimpressed hurry-up-can-we-go-home now 4xGrannySister. 

So, a visit to Cactus Country is still on my list, but this time I might head over there on my own.

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